Quotes of CD "Blue Whisper":

"... Her latest release, "Blue Whisper," arguably the best in a series of consistently strong albums, has already garnered considerable international critical acclaim and reinforces her status as one of the finest jazz composers in the world..." by George Halas for new.scenenewspaper.com

"... Figarova is always the one in the driver’s seat. She shines not only as a pianist on Blue Whisper, but also, as a composer and a producer—and the result is a consistently satisfying listen..." by Alex Henderson for Jazzinside November 2015

Quotes of CD "Twelve":

"... This is a band that built its reputation playing original repertoire, each musician a powerful soloist in his or her own right; yet it is their signature interplay that moves the Amina Figarova Sextet above and beyond the vast majority of large chamber ensembles in modern jazz and places the pianist among the top echelon of composer/bandleaders...." by Andrea Canter for www.jazzpolice.com

"... She is a major artist..." by Jack Massarik for the London Evening Standard

"…This is a rich album that reveals new facets - like the sly reference to Cole Porter’s “Heat Wave” on “Leila” - with repeated listening, as well as one that showcases one of jazz’ very best working bands…" by George Kanzler for The New York City Jazz record

"...With this rewarding date, Amina Figarova makes her case as an important composer of her generation..." By Ken Dryden for www.allmusic.com

"...dat deze groep bijdraagt aan het hoge niveau van de vaderlandse jazz staat buiten kijf..." by Tom Beetz for www.jazzflits.nl (page 10)

"...The group's music was extremely well received by a packed out Ronnie's audience..." by Ian Mann at www.thejazzmann.com

"... This is a band that built its reputation playing original repertoire, each musician a powerful soloist in his or her own right; yet it is their signature interplay that moves the Amina Figarova Sextet above and beyond the vast majority of large chamber ensembles in modern jazz and places the pianist among the top echelon of composer/bandleaders...." by Andrea Canter for www.jazzpolice.com

Interview and article in the German Jazzpodium by Klaus Huebner

"...Many of the strongest composer-arranger-orchestra leaders in jazz are women. Think Toshiko Akiyoshi, Carla Bley, Maria Schneider. Amina Figarova has a chance to join their company. All she needs is an orchestra. Figarova's compositions for small ensemble have been brilliant since at least 2005, when she released September Suite, still the deepest, most powerful jazz response to the events of 9/11..." by Thomas Conrad for Stereophile Magazine

"... Figarova and her group know how to swing, and did so in an elegant and refined fashion... If ever there was a DJ&WM 2012 show that deserved to go on longer than 30 minutes it was this one..." by John Kelman for www.allaboutjazz.com

"... Tegelijkertijd zet het sextet deze complexiteit neer met veel vanzelfsprekendheid. Als luisteraar/toeschouwer word je makkelijk meegenomen in de flow van de stukken en de associaties met de thematiek, die de muzikanten vormgeven. ...." by Mischa Beckers for www.jazzenzo.nl

"... Figarova leads the sextet in 12 of her own compositions, all colourful and evocative, with lots of contrast in mood, tempo and rhythm..." www.independent.ie

"...I liked Shut Eyes, Sea Wave, which has a great arrangement and Sneaky Seagulls, in which you can hear the screaming and quarreling birds...." by Hans Koerts for keepitswinging.blogspot.com

"...What is most inspirational about Figarova’s Twelve is the arrangements. Hers is a sextet that can seem, oddly enough, both larger and smaller in size, with the richness of a big band and the intimacy of a trio or quartet..." by Mark Keresman for Jazz Inside

"...All throughout, Figarova guides, leads, instructs and persuades through her warm piano musings as well as her ebullient charts. This one’s a joy to behold!..." by George W. Harris for Jazz Weekly

"...Figarova and her group are at the top level of today’s jazz world, and they produce some of the most interesting music you’ll ever hear. This is a must-have album..." by Ric Bang for Jazzscan.com

"...All these diversely picturesque pieces come together with an effortlessness that soft-pedals the fact that this is simply one of the most consistently enjoyable and attractive jazz albums of 2012. ..." by Alan Young for Lucid Culture

"...Figarova's arrival in America marked the start of a new chapter in her life and Twelve is the first album to document her work as a full-fledged New Yorker. Judging from this album, it would seem that this city agrees with her..." by Dan Bilawsky for All About Jazz

"... Figarova's style cannot be classified neatly in any traditional genre because she has forged an individual character. Her work is neither post-bop nor hard-bop—nor anything else, for that matter; it is simply Figarova. Rare are the musicians about whom this can be said..." by Hrayr Attarian for All about Jazz

"...She and her band are of a piece, now instantly recognizable..." by Grego Gapplegate

"... Figarova's sextet sounds tight and vigorous..." by James Hale for Downbeat Magazine

"...The fact is that this is yet another stunning record from Amina Figarova..." by Jordan Richardson

"...an adventurous, balanced, substantial program of twelve original compositions. Figarova’s longtime sextet shows, once again, that it is intuitively aware of the subtleties in her music, proving how valuable it is to have a working band to play your work..." by Bob Bernotas on www.jazzbob.com

"... an amalgamation of original tracks performed by musicians who really know their way around their instruments and will give listeners a wonderful jazz experience..." by Sari N. Kent for thecelebritycafe.com

"...Altogether, I’m pleased with the creativity, consistency and outstanding arrangements on “Twelve” by Amina Figarova. ..." by Rob Young on theurbanflux.com

"... Her history of creative composition once again is highlighted here..." by George Fendel for www.jsojazzscene.org

"...I don't usually see the connection between song titles and the music, but in this case the impressions are so perfect, the music so expressive in tone and dynamics, that one cannot miss seeing what Figarova saw as they were written ..." ajazzlistenersthoughts.blogspot.com

"...Pianist Amina Figarova can play. And write. And arrange..." Marc Myers for Jazzwax.com

"...Tasty, high octane stuff from one of our fave lady, piano jazzbos." by Chris Spector for Midwestrecord.com

"...She is an incredibly competent composer, but also a truly skilled bandleader featuring her star players with aplomb...." by Mark Sanderlin for Artamerica.org

"...The Amina Figarova Sextet is a mirror image of this growth and accessibility and makes for one of the years finest releases..." by Brent Black for www.criticaljazz.com

"...Even more striking was the band of Figarova..." concert review by Bob Karlovits.

"...A talented pianist, Figarova draws from the moody Gil Evans strain of orchestrated jazz, with a few nods to the rapid rhythms of bebop and the freer dynamics of the post-bop avant-garde..." by Morton Shlabotnik for www.expressmilwaukie.com

Other quotes:

"Amina Figarova's September Suite is one of the important, essential works created in the wake of 9/11." Alan Young for Lucid Culture, september 2011

"... Above the Clouds confirms that Figarova is among the most important composers to come into jazz in the new millennium..."
Thomas Conrad, Jazztimes November 2008

"...Amina Figarova boasts a graceful and erudite piano style, but her second instrument is her band….A first rate jazz pianist, Amina Figarova - with September Suite, Come Ascape With Me and now the excellent Above the Clouds - is staking out her ground as a top level composer-arranger..."                                      Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz.com

"... Excellent solo work, fine production values, and interesting variety would be three ways to describe this outstanding collection of original jazz songs by pianist Amina Figarova. When you listen to her piano work soar through such songs as "Sharp Corners" and "Bedtime Story," you realize you are listening to a new, unique voice in jazz piano. Jazz pianist Amina Figarova is the tops!..."                                Lee Prosser, jazzreview.com

"…Those who love September but can't handle its weight will welcome Clouds's sunnier disposition. That doesn't mean newcomers to Figarova should stay away from September, but Above the Clouds is a superb introduction to a composer who can do it all and do it magnificently, whether the subject is happy or heavy..."                J Hunter, All about Jazz

”…September Suite is Amina Figarova's most striking and fully realized music yet. The compositions and performances alike are full of poignant feeling, with her piano and Bart Platteau's flute setting a tone that the other bandmenbers respond to, and support. The melodies linger, and the lyricism is very evocative. Congratulations on this accomplishment to everyone, and to Amina for her leadership as well as all else….” 
Howard Mandel, President Jazz Journalist Association

#5. AMINA FIGAROVA – September (Munich Records)
“…A disc I got early in the year that just stayed with me. Forget World Trade Center and United 93; a native of Azerbaijan had the best take on 9/11 and its aftermatch. With a playing and composing style of Herbie Hancock…”                from top 5 CDs of AlbanyJazz.com by J Hunter

“…I've been meaning to write you about how much I enjoyed Above the Clouds. I was impressed by your playing, which takes center stage without making a big deal about the instrument being a flute -- you know I love flutes, but most of all when it's just applied to music, not to showing the instrument off as odd or inherently "flutey". And Amina, your writing and arranging has such confidence and maturity, I thought this album belonged in the Blue Note catalog. Congrats on another fine one.                                 Howard Mandel, President Jazz Journalist Association