Leadsheet of Amina's compositions released on CD

Twelve Sketches CD CD Above the Clouds Come escape with me CD September Suite CD
NYCST Four steps to ... "A" Dance Come escape with me Numb
Another Side Of The Ocean Unaccepatable Ernie's song Hot on the Trail Emptyness
Sneaky Seagulls Sketches Above the Clouds Flight of Fancy Denial
Shut Eyes, Sea Waves Caribou Crossing Sharp Corners Mr. TM Photo Album
On The Go Breakfast for the Elephant Bedtime Story Dancing in the wind Rage
Isabelle WHOTSOT Nico's dream Buckshot Blues Trying to Focus
Make it Happen Back in NO Summer rain Zealot When the lights go down
Twelve On the Road Sailing through the Icy waters Awakening Dawn
New Birth Flight No River of Mountains Blues for Wiro For Laura
Morning Pace Look at That Blue Wonder Destiny  
Leila Train to Rotterdam Chicago Split Market Place  
Maria's Request Happy Hour Reminiscing Reaching out to you  
  Your Room    
Night Train CD Firewind CD Another Me CD Attraction CD Canal Street CD
Night Train Firewind Nomads Attraction Time for Departure
Rio Sueno Song for Gaby Another Me Talking to a Candlelight Meant to be
Going Home Canal Street Blues Could You Free and Easy Midnight
Sari Waltz for M. Grey Circle Desert Blues Night Dream
Open to the World Scurry Southern Dreams Just a Smile Selena
Sunrise in Kyoto I don't know Say No Thinkin' of.... No means no
Time for Something New Lost and Lonely The Touch

Red Dance

Live at the Pinehill CD
Good Neigbors Past in Present Invisible Only Stars can Witness For Someone Special

The Little Things

Azerbaidjan Folk s. If you get it Straight ahead and be happy Mad Avenue
O Bota Rosa   Talkin'Bass Maybe Yes, Maybe No Quiet
October 8   Calling You Night Flower Put on your Wings
Reggae Dance     A Quarter to five  
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All compositions by Amina Figarova